Monday, January 27, 2014

On the Warion: R.I.P. Justin Carmical

[Part of this is from my Tumblr]

In case you do now know, on January 23rd 2014, Justin "JewWario" Carmical, committed suicide. It is a tragedy that the world must lose someone of his amazing caliber of kindness and love. I never knew the man, but when I found out, there was a pit in my stomach. I tried to tell myself, it's not JewWario, it's not that Justin. 

As terrible as it is to say, I was hoping it was Bieber. (And for the record, I refuse to call him by his first name because he doesn't deserve to share that name with the Warion) I just saw, "Justin is dead." I wanted it to be some other Justin. Not the one who I admire so much. I want to be at least half the man he was, and I'll be happy.

I’m not someone to get emotional over the death of someone I've never met. But Justin… He’s different. I never met him, but I respected him. He is a great inspiration of mine, not for any of my shows, but as a person. Someone so, happy and kind and sincere, is who I want to be. 

One of my favorite videos to watch when I want to laugh, his UFO Yakisoban Rider Review. In fact, all of his videos were funny and amazing and fun to watch. I've spent the past few days re-watching my favorites, because I just want to see and hear him.

It’s… I never thought this’d happen. I never thought he’d be gone. Like I said, I never met him, but he seemed awesome. On Monday night, he was laughing and joking wish Nash about the wacky hijinks of Canada and The Far Side.  I never imagined that he could do something like this.

Justin, you were a great person, and made many people feel better when they were in their personal funks. You will be missed. Godspeed, good sir.